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A Cape Cod Breakfast to Remember

Our gourmet, authentic Cape Cod breakfast is served either in our elegant dining room or al fresco on the patio of our beautiful grounds. The menu of our Cape Cod breakfast will vary each day, we are inspired by seasonal variations and we aim to use local and organic produce wherever possible. We will always use organic eggs sourced

Bircher muesli with fresh fruit. Healthy and delicious!

Bircher muesli with fresh fruit. Healthy and delicious!

from Lake Farm Gardens an Orleans local farm, organic milk, and source our vegetables from a small local store that generally offers local and organic produce.  If we offer bacon it is nitrate free! As you can see, this is our passion and guiding philosophy. We have three raised veggie and herbs beds, to offer home picked produce, not “farm to table”, but “garden to table” fresh produce. If you have specific dietary requirements, please let us know when you make your booking and we will try to accommodate it with a special Cape Cod breakfast.

 Cape Cod Restaurants & Dining in Our Area

There are two excellent restaurants just a five minute walk from our Inn. Plenty more a five minute drive away in Orleans center and just a fifteen minute drive to the neighboring towns of Chatham and Brewster. (We have copies of the menus of most of the area restaurants for guest perusal) Opposite the Inn is Nauset Farms shop, (www.nausetfarms.com) providing wonderful home-made sandwiches, deli food, family butcher, wine/beers and patisseries. We have a close relationship with them and to save you time, we’re able to call in orders ready for you to pick up for a day at the beach. Don’t forget to grab one of our ice boxes!