Looking forward to the New Year but before we turn the page, we wanted to look back on some great moments and  wonderful memories from 2016.
Our five minutes of fame
NECN interview  for vacation week

Our guests

Included a paralympian, couple celebrating their 62nd anniversary, former colleagues that we hadn’t seen in 35 years, numerous musicians and honeymooners. And of course our many regulars
Thank you all for staying with us.

Our Inn

Clockwise from left top, lovely watercolor of our new patio, painted by Karen Ryder in June,  an amazing hornets nest from our front yard, our new patio and of course our “A” Team, Charlie Jeff and Robyn.

Our glorious beaches

Clockwise left to right, sunrise on Nauset Beach, a typical winters day at Nauset Beach,  off roading at south beach and thanks to a guest, a beautiful sunset at Rock Harbor.

Our breakfasts

Clockwise left to right, great article in edibleCAPECOD, our weekly buffet breakfast, Jo’s homemade granola, click here for the recipe, lastly buttermilk pancakes with toasted almonds and macerated strawberries.

Lastly our family

Indulge us, these pictures speak for themselves!

Parson Brown